2018 French Summer Camp at Blue Moon! - Blue Moon Learning Center

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French Summer Camp 2018

Date: 8/6 ~ 8/10, 8/13 ~ 8/17

Age: 2.5 ~ 5 year-old

Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Fee: $200/1 week, $350/2 weeks

Space is limited; please register asap. (5 students minimum, 8 students maximum)

Online registration is now available!

To be exposed to a new language at an early age is an enormously rewarding experience. Children love to explore and play around a new language!

Many studies suggest that bilingual or trilingual children have more confidence, learn better, adapt better to new things and open their mind to the “BIG WORLD”. French with Faiza is a program that will allow your child to open its mind to a bigger world!

Our French Summer Camp is opened to children age 3 to 7 years old. This camp is a French immersion program where we want to introduce the children to some French key words, but more importantly, to introduce the children to new sounds, new tones as well as an exposure to the French Culture. We will play games in French, sing French nursery songs, pretend to be princesses and knights who live in those old and beautiful French castles (some history on the horizon;).

Please come and join us to a fun camp, a camp that will embrace a play-based curriculum: LEARNING THROUGH PLAY. A camp where the children will have fun in a positive, safe and kind environment.

A new theme each week: the activities of each class will be built around a new theme. It could be animals, colors, feelings, body parts, explore France and a bit of its history.

Looking forward to seeing many of you!