May 2014 - Blue Moon Learning Center

Eurhythmics Workshops!

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Come and experience Eurhythmics workshops!

5/27, 11:00 (ages 2-4)
6/2 & 9, 3:30 (ages 5 and up)
6/3 & 10, 11:00 (ages 2-4)

*Limited time only this spring.
You can register in advance or just drop-in.

Check our new Eurhythmics Workshops!

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Come and join our new Eurhythmics workshops here at the center!

What is Eurhythmics?
It’s an approach to music education which involves teaching concepts of rhythm, structure and musical expression through movement.

What’s the benefit?
By stimulating our children’s mind and body through music we can improve and develop their concentration, sharpness, judgment, memory and spontaneity. This method can help cultivate a child’s creativity, expressive power and ability to cooperate with others in a group. It will enable a child to learn an instrument effectively.


5/12 Mon (for age 5+) 3:30~
5/13 Tue (for age 2~4) 11:00~
5/14 Wed (for age 2~4) 10:00~

Duration: 45 min
fee: $25

Pre-registration encouraged, drop-in welcome! Please call us 510-759-3093 to register.

The play area will be closed during Eurhythymics workshops.

Check back for additional workshops in May/June! Regular classes will be offered from September.

Instructor: Yoriko Richman
Yoriko Richman earned a B.A. in piano performance from the Musashino Academia in Tokyo, Japan, and studied jazz drums at the Yamaha Drum School. Upon her arrival in the United States, she received a professional performance degree in jazz piano and arranging from the Berklee College of Music. Richman’s Dalcroze Method experience is extensive: she graduated from the Dalcroze School of Music in New York, receiving a Dalcroze International License, and attended the postgraduate program at Institut Jaques-Dalcroze in Geneva, Switzerland. Her extensive teaching experience includes teacher training programs at the Dalcroze School of Music, the Maister Music School, the Microcosms Music School and The Dalcroze School in Japan. In addition, she has taught the Dalcroze method to children at Showa Academia Musicae in Japan. A former preparatory faculty member at Mannes College, Richman also teaches in the Preparatory Division at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.