2019 Summer Camp Schedule

French Summer Camp (No previous knowledge of French is required.)
The first week, the theme will be Astronomy/Space and that the second week, the theme will be Ocean/Beach”. Also the teacher will charge a flat fee of $10 per kids per week to purchase the material needed for the week.
Date: 6/17 ~ 6/21, 6/24 ~ 6/28
Age  2,5 ~ 5 year-old
Hours: 9:00 am- 12:00 pm.
Tuition  1 week  $250.00, 2 weeks $380.00
Japanese Summer Camp (No previous knowledge of Japanese is required.)
We all will have a lot of fun during the camp, the theme will be Animals/Dinosaurs, Ocean/Sea Animals/Nature, Music/Dance and will play lots of Games.  We’ll also be playing some music instruments.
Dates: 7/8 ~ 7/12, 7/15 ~ 7/19, 7/22 ~ 7/26
Age: 2.5 and up  Half-day (9 am to 12 pm)
        5 -12  Full-day (9 am to 3 pm)
Tuition: Half day 1 week $200.00, 2 weeks $360.00, 3 weeks $500.00
             Full day 1 week $300.00, 2 weeks $540.00, 3 weeks $650.00
Extended Care is also available for $10/hour upon request.
Japanese Intensive Course
All are welcome! Please contact us for the details if you are really interested in learning Japanese.

Space is limited; please register asap. (5 students minimum, 10 students maximum)

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Koto (13-stringed zither)

Ages 5 and up. Every Mondays and Tuesdays. Call to arrange time. $40/Month age 5 to 12, $60/Month age 13 and up

Children and adults can learn the fundamentals of koto playing through private lessons in the Ikuta-Ryu Seiha style. Students will gain an appreciation for the history of this traditional instrument and its role in Japanese culture.

French Immersion Program

Ages 2-5, Thursday 9:00-12:00 p.m. $140/Month

Students will explore the French language through a play-based curriculum. They will enjoy the rewarding experience of learning a new language at an early age and open their minds to the global world. The goals of the class are to introduce children to French sounds, words and tones, and to expose them to French culture through fun and play.


Japanese Language Classes

Immersion Program Hiyoko (Chicks) ages 2-5, Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Friday 9:00-12:00 p.m. $140/Month ( 1 session per week) * Discount is available when you register multiple sessions per a week.)  

Students will increase their familiarity with the Japanese language as they engage in fun activities such as children’s songs, hand games, art, stories, dance and more. Targeted skills include increased vocabulary, listening comprehension and concentration.

Usagi (Bunnies) ages 5 and up, Tuesday and/or Friday 3:30-4:15 p.m. $100/Month

Students will learn to read and write hiragana and katakana and practice writing their own names and simple words. In addition to developing concentration and listening comprehension skills, they will use adjectives to expand oral expressive language skills. Classes will include songs, games and fun activities such as word games, card games, tongue twisters, reading out loud and listening to stories.

Kirin (Giraffes) ages 7 and up, Wednesday 2:30-4:00 p.m. $120/Month

In addition to working on concentration, listening comprehension and oral expression, students will develop their ability to express themselves in writing. They will gradually learn age-appropriate kanji and practice writing journal entries and letters. Other targeted skills include building reading comprehension and reading speed.

Kotori (Little Birds) ages 5 and up, Thursday 2:00-2:30 p.m. $100/Month

Students will gain familiarity with the Japanese language and culture as they enjoy songs and folktales. Suitable for children with limited or no prior Japanese language experience, students will learn greetings and useful vocabulary for daily life.

Japanese Play-Based Class

Ages 3 and up Tuesday and/or Friday 2:00-2:30 p.m., $60/month

** You can attend a single session. $15/1 session

Japanese Private Lesson

Ages 2 to 3 – $100/month, Ages 4 to 12 – $110/month, 30minutes/1session, Ages 13 and up – $120~/month

Japanese Semi-Private Lesson

Ages 2 to 3 – $80/month,  Ages 4 to 12 – $100/month


To register, please contact us!